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Everyday Carry (Defender series)

‎Defender‬ Series Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 1: Everyday Carry This video will discuss the various pros and cons on different gear that one may need for an everyday carry situation. This applies to LEO, Mil and civilians as well. Facebook ‪#‎earlyviewing‬ of the Defender series. There are a thousand ways to skin this cat, but here at Crisis

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Hog Processing on the Homestead

We recently processed two sows here on the homestead. Traditionally “hog killin’” is done in fall when the temperature drops and stays that way. Thanks to modern refrigeration, we do it whenever we are about to run out of pork. It is a time consuming process to take a larger animal from the hoof, to something the average person would recognize

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IFAK Chest seals (Video)

Its more important now than ever that we have the right people with the right gear. Getting ready for an emergency is everyone’s personal responsibility with in the boundaries of their capabilities. We have tested multiple chest seals here at CAGmain and I have of course experience while on active duty. The reigning champ so far is the Hyfin vented

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