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Xstat- Intrinsic vs extrinsic pressure (Video)

Medical Concepts: Intrisic vs. extrinsic pressure. Click here to watch: Synopsis: In this video we show you the difference between the two concepts of pressure using a Gen 7 CAT tq, and the X stat trauma syringe.… ‪#‎TjackSurvival‬ ‪#‎CrisisApplicationGroup‬ The Activity Group North American Rescue We will be giving away a free: CAG tier 1 IFAK with combat gauze

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(Modified) Tactical Heavy

Defender series Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 4: (Modified) Tactical Heavy Synopsis: The modified Tactical Heavy set up includes plate carriers or traditional body armor as the next logical evolution in your profiles of readiness. Join CAG and ear tabs for your skills!: Gear links: Warrior Assault Systems, Recon Mk1 Plate carrier MSRP $262 :!/WARRIOR-ASSAULT-SYSTEMS-Recon-Plate-Carrier/p/56325407/category=15066506 Mayflower low profile MSRP

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Everyday Carry (Defender series)

‎Defender‬ Series Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 1: Everyday Carry This video will discuss the various pros and cons on different gear that one may need for an everyday carry situation. This applies to LEO, Mil and civilians as well. Facebook ‪#‎earlyviewing‬ of the Defender series. There are a thousand ways to skin this cat, but here at Crisis

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Defender (YouTube) Series

The Defender series begins this week with Chapter 1: Profiles of readiness, episode 1: Everyday carry. The defender series will cover by chapter: Profiles of readiness Gear and reviews Planning and training Full mission profile scenarios The #Defender series is sponsored by The next Crisis Application Group series: Austere Medic Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure Follow us on Facebook@

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IFAK Chest seals (Video)

Its more important now than ever that we have the right people with the right gear. Getting ready for an emergency is everyone’s personal responsibility with in the boundaries of their capabilities. We have tested multiple chest seals here at CAGmain and I have of course experience while on active duty. The reigning champ so far is the Hyfin vented

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Review: NEW Gen 7 CAT Tourniquet (Video)

The Combat Application Tourniquet was initially fielded by USSOCOM in 2004 then fast followed by conventional forces in 2005. In the early years of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) and prior to the implementation of modern prefabricated tourniquets, the death rate from extremity exsanguination was 23.3 deaths annually. After full implementation, this number was reduced to 3.5 deaths per year, an 85% decrease in mortality. In 2005 the Combat Application Tourniquet was selected as one of the Army’s top 10 greatest inventions and is recognized as one of the foremost advancements in pre-hospital care during the GWOT with an estimated 1,850 lives saved.

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