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Everyday Carry (Defender series)

‎Defender‬ Series Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 1: Everyday Carry This video will discuss the various pros and cons on different gear that one may need for an everyday carry situation. This applies to LEO, Mil and civilians as well. Facebook ‪#‎earlyviewing‬ of the Defender series. There are a thousand ways to skin this cat, but here at Crisis

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Defender (YouTube) Series

The Defender series begins this week with Chapter 1: Profiles of readiness, episode 1: Everyday carry. The defender series will cover by chapter: Profiles of readiness Gear and reviews Planning and training Full mission profile scenarios The #Defender series is sponsored by The next Crisis Application Group series: Austere Medic Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure Follow us on Facebook@

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These days it seems like literally EVERYONE has the answer to your stock firearm. Not to mention a laundry list of complaints. More than I can recall, I seem to read about triggers. Everything from “crunchy” to “dragging” to God only knows what. Every gun god in the world seems to have all of the answers to correct the firearm that the manufacturer deemed sale-worthy. Do I have a counterpoint? Why, yes I do.

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