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Introduction to Austere Medicine (December 9, 2017-Conyers GA.)

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CAG-MT1 Intro to Austere field Medicine

6 field hours: Learn the basics of Tactical/austere field care, based on TCCC guidelines modified for the non trained responder

This course is designed to give a non-trained person the basic understanding of what a Special Forces medic might do in an emergency medical event. The student will receive a training Individual First Aid-kit (IFAK) to use during the course and learn how a patient gets assessed. Each student will get hands on experience with everything in an IFAK from start to finish.

Covered in the course, from the perspective of a Special Forces Medic:

Patient assessments and scene size ups

Massive bleeding control

Basic Airway management

Respiration support (Chest injuries)

Circulation support

Hypothermia and Head injuries

Evacuation procedures

Upon completion of the course, the student will have learned and understand what a Special Forces Medic performs for acute trauma in the field where evacuation and trained responders are unavailable.