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Pistol 2 (SCOTG Laurens SC) June 2018

Common price: $440.00 Our price: $440.00 each




SCOTG (Laurens, S.C.) March 24, 2018

This is an Crisis Application Group event:


Duration: 1 day/6-8 hours
Cost: $440 per Student (includes certificate of completion), group rates available.
Students: 5 Minimum – 12 Maximum
Restrictions: Course Open to all legal participants. NOT intended for the untrained marksman. Students will be expected to have attended PISTOL-1 or show proficiency equivalent to that Level of training. Students must be able to perform immediate action drills and be able to engage targets up to 25m with their selected weapons.

Our Pistol 2 course is designed for intermediate shooters looking to enhance their foundation in marksmanship fundamentals. This course is also an excellent option for experienced marksman looking to refresh their fundamentals.

Instructor: Todd VanLangen (SF retired)

During this course, Shooters will learn:

(Dry and Warm Fire): Weapon safety, stance, Sight alignment and trigger SQUEEZE, immediate actions and weapon functions. All students will be given some time to Dry fire and get warm before firing live rounds. The warm fire phase will culminate in stationary exercises designed to enforce fundamentals

(Dynamic Fire 1): This live fire phase focuses on creating effective and safe pistol marksmanship. Students will learn how to engage targets on the move and from non-standard firing positions. The live fire culminates in a pass/fail hands on safety exam which requires students to engage with live ammunition with 1:1 instructor/student trigger safety evaluation for score (hits).

(Dynamic Fire 2): After students successfully complete the performance evaluation they will have a chance to engage targets in a scenario based (dynamic) setting. While NOT officially part of the pass/fail curriculum, the dynamic fire 2 portion of the training gives the students a chance to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship in a series of challenging and rapid fire scenarios. The dynamic course is designed to send students home with confidence in their skills.


0900-1200 Dry/Warm Fire
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Dynamic Fire 1
1500-Until Complete (UTC) Dynamic Fire 2

Student requirements:

Students must be able to perform immediate action drills and be able to engage targets up to 25m with their selected weapons.
Semi-automatic pistol (revolvers are allowed but are generally not recommended)
1x Service grade holster (Outside the waistband OWB, no CCW holsters will be authorized for this course)
4x magazines
Eye and Hearing Protection (includes any prescription glasses). If you have prescription glasses you can order safety glasses or purchase goggles/glass that fit OVER your glasses. Contacts are strongly encouraged but not required.
Clear or yellow lenses are recommended
Weather Appropriate Range Attire – Hot or Cold, Snow or Sweat, Rain or Shine; if it’s safe to train, we will train! No shorts, flip flops or sandals.

Ammunition: 1000 Rounds
Ammunition must be commercial brand – no home reloads allowed! No exceptions! You must test fire ammunition with your weapon to insure it will function properly. Ammunition for your class can be shipped to SCOTG. Your ammo must be clearly marked with your name and date of class.

Contact us for shipping details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Student should arrive to training with their weapons and magazines UNLOADED, in a travel case. Any and all weapons manipulation or handling for Pistol 2 students will be done under direct supervision of CAG cadre unless specifically instructed by instructors.

Travel and Accommodations by location:

(SCOTG) Laurens, S.C.
8524 Neely Ferry rd, Laurens SC.

Nearest airport: (GSP) Greenville/Spartanburg S.C.
Alternate Airport: (CAE) Columbia S.C.

Lodging: Bunk House lodging available for CAG students on site at $20 per Person


Hampton Inn Greenwood 1624 SC-72, Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 388-9595 (19 Miles)

Holiday Inn Express 300 N Creek Blvd, Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 889-8900 (22 Miles)

Administrative notes for Pistol 2:

Course will be held rain or shine, dress appropriately. Any safety calls (weather cancellations) will be made the day of training by CAG staff.
We suggest to new students that they don’t spend a lot of money on gear and accessories until they have taken the course. We generally won’t make any gear recommendations prior to the class. The intent is to create INFORMED consumers and allow students to make purchases based on their experience and new found skills.
Students are required to adhere to all local, state and federal laws. It is assumed by CAG that all students are legally authorized to conduct this training, IF there is a question to your individual legal status please contact us BEFORE the start date of your class for clarification.

  • CAG assumes NO liability for conduct and events of this course.