LiveFire Care Under Fire (Video)

LiveFire Care Under Fire (Video)


LiveFire CareunderFire In this video one of our students runs the Live Fire Care under Fire drill here at CAGmain. Its a chance for them to apply both basics courses (TCCC and Intro to Pistol) under timed pressure in a controlled environment. This past week end we ran 7 students total, and only 1 passed in time. This clip runs just over the 5 minute pass mark, but he will get another chance to try in Jan. Each student must have (Mandatory): Passed Intro to pistol and safety Intro to TCCC 2 safetys per student Eye and hearing protection The Drill: -The patient is located behind simulated cover -The student medic must engage targets and move to the patient behind cover. -If the medic breaks the cover box they must shoot a penalty -Timed shots and initiated at 30 seconds then every 60 seconds after -The student MUST engage immediately when the horn blasts, even if mid treatment. In orderTo pass: -The student must hit both steel targets twice per shot sequence (20 yards) -Identify all injuries in sequnce (MARCH) -Treat all injuries -Verbalize for hypothermia blanket and reassess every 15m In this video the student medic was using: The warrior assault systems recon Mk1 (Courtesy of!/WARRIOR-ASSAULT-SYSTEMS-Recon-Shooters-Cut/p/56347282/category=15066506 The CAG Tier 1 IFAK:!/CAG-Trauma-Packs/c/13147503/offset=0&sort=normal Which uses combat proven products from 1x Gen7 CATTQ:!/Combat-Application-Tourniquet-C-A-T-Tactical-Black/p/50856842/category=13227550 1x NPA 1 Hyfin chest seal twin pack:!/Hyfin-Vent-Chest-Seal-Twin-Pack/p/50869901/category=13227552 2x Compressed Gauze 2x 4" ETD dressing:!/EmergencyTrauma-Dressing-ETD-4-in/p/50856860/category=13227550 This video was made possible by: Arizona Defense Supply and North American Rescue


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